Shut Up and Listen

Why Doctors Don’t Listen, and How They Can Be Part of the Cure

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Stephen I. Goldman, DO, FAAO, FAOASM

112 pp., Paperback

ISBN:  978-1791337841

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Product Description

Based on his experiences as a patient, physician, and educator, Dr. Stephen Goldman helps bridge the communication gap between doctors and patients. Filled with both heartfelt personal stories and practical advice, Dr. Goldman offers overwhelmed physicians real-world understanding of the problems they face taking care of patients, and advice on how they can learn to meet patients “where they are.” In talking to physicians, he also demonstrates how patients can get through to their doctor in order to be “heard” and taken seriously. Shut Up and Listen! shares the perspectives of both doctors and patients, providing profound insight, useful ideas, and helpful strategies to help physicians and patients find a better way to understand each other and meet their health-care goals. This book is for everyone!