Osteopathic Master Series Phase I

MS1 Osteopathic Master Series Phase I

Merchandise Details: MS1 Osteopathic Master Series Phase I

The Osteopathic Masters Series is a series of short introductory videos on core concepts and the major OMT modalities.

Registration Fees
Academy member in practice* - $320
Resident or intern member - $320
Student member - $200
Nonmember - $720

* AAO associate members, international affiliates and supporter members are entitled to register at the same fees as full members.

CME Credits
8 credits of AOA Category 1-B CME

Member Price: $720.00
Non-Member Price: $720.00

Maximum Capacity: 1000
Maximum CME Credits: 8

When: 11/9/2020 @ 12:00 AM to 11/8/2023 @ 12:00 AM
Registration open from: 11/8/2020 to 11/8/2023

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The AAO established an ACGME Osteopathic Support Program Task Force to develop a series of educational resources for AAO affiliated ACGME Osteopathic Recognition training programs to successfully meet the requirement for an “osteopathic learning environment.” They developed the Osteopathic Masters Series, a series of short introductory videos on core concepts and the major OMT modalities that are identified by the AACOM/ECOP publication, “A Teaching Guide for Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.”

The following videos are available in this series:

  • “Philosophy of Osteopathic Medicine,” Michael Rowane, DO, MS, FAAFP, FAAO
  • “History of the Osteopathic Profession,” John M. Jones, DO
  • “The Five Osteopathic Models,” Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO, FNOME
  • “The Screen Osteopathic Structural Exam,” Kevin A. Thomas, DO, MS
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Lymphatic Treatment Method,” David R. Boesler, DO, FAAO
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Balanced Ligamentous Tension / Ligamentous Articular Strain,” Wm. Thomas Crow, DO, FAAO
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Counterstrain,” William H. Devine, DO
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Facilitated Positional Release,” Dennis J. Dowling, DO, MA, FAAO
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Soft Tissue Method & Myofascial Release,” Laura E. Griffin, DO, FAAO
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: High Velocity-Low Amplitude,” Kurt P. Heinking, DO, FAAO
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Visceral Manipulation,” Kenneth J. Lossing, DO
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Osteopathic Cranical Manipulative Medicine,” Doris B. Newman, DO, FAAO
  • “OMM Technique Spotlight: Muscle Energy,” Edward G. Stiles, DO, FAAODist

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