The Korr Symposium: The Man, the Scientist, the Philosopher

The Korr Symposium: The Man, the Scientist, the Philosopher

Merchandise Details: The Korr Symposium: The Man, the Scientist, the Philosopher

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Course description: Irvin M. Korr, PhD, began his career in osteopathy as a physiologist who deeply questioned osteopathic medicine. Throughout his subsequent decades teaching in osteopathic medical schools, he became one of the most impactful and clarifying voices in the profession through his discussion of osteopathy’s impact on physiology, the philosophy of medicine, and medical education. This virtual symposium is a review of Korr’s decades-long effect on the understanding and expression of osteopathic medicine and a discussion of possible new directions by leading physicians and scientists in their respective fields.

Registration Fees
Academy member in practice - $525
Resident or intern member - $425
Student member - $325
Nonmember practicing DO or other health care professional - $925
Nonmember resident or intern - $725
Nonmember student - $425

Event Times
Sat., May 15 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST
Sun, May 16 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST

Member Price: $925.00
Non-Member Price: $925.00

Maximum Capacity: 100
Maximum CME Credits: 15

When: 5/15/2021 @ 10:00 AM to 5/16/2021 @ 07:00 PM
Registration open from: 12/10/2020 to 5/14/2021

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Event Description


  1. Understand more about Irvin M. Korr as a person from his colleagues and students and his influence in the United States and around the world.
  2. Review Korr’s physiology research and new insights on osteopathy’s impact on the human body.
  3. Review Korr’s views on osteopathy’s role in society, medical education, and geriatrics and assess how these could be carried forward.
Course Director(s)
  • Korr's physiology research: Michael M. Patterson, PhD; Mark A. W. Andrews, PhD, FNAOME; Brian F. Degenhardt, DO
  • Clinical insights based on Korr's research and philosophy: Edward G. Stiles, DO, FAAODist.; Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO, FNAOME; Kevin Hennenhoefer, DO
  • Possibilities for future research approaches: Bruce Benjamin, PhD; Kyle K. Henderson, PhD
  • Korr the man: John M. Jones, DO; Hollis King, DO, PhD, FAAO, FCA; David Korr; Orianne Evans, DO (UK)
  • Korr's approach to geriatrics and osteopathic geriatrics: Karen T. Snider, DO, MS, FAAO, FNAOME
  • Korr and Medical Education: Jan T. Hendryx, DO, FAAO; Robert  A. Cain, DO, FACOI
  • Conclusions: Richard G. Schuster, DO

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